Potential defendants in commercial vehicle accidents claims

Anyone in California confronted with the financial and emotional consequences of a vehicle accident might have questions about who they can recover damages from. Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits are based on evidence of negligence. In legal claims following commercial vehicle accidents, there might be more parties than the truck drivers to name as defendants. … Read more

Commercial vehicle accidents involving improper load management

It is no secret that collisions involving commercial vehicles can have devastating results. While the concept of colliding with such a large vehicle may be harrowing enough as is, this might not be the only concern drivers in California might face as there are other ways for commercial vehicle accidents to occur. Tractor-trailers towing flatbed … Read more

Truck accidents and the effects of fatigue

Demanding schedules and long hours on California roads are just two examples of factors that increase the risks of fatigue for truck drivers. Succumbing to fatigue can be hazardous in various ways and such negligence inherently increases the chances that dangerous truck accidents may occur. Unfortunately, many might not be fully aware of how a … Read more