Fatal Railway Accident with Auto at Crossing

A BNSF Railway train was involved in a fatal accident when it crashed into an auto crossing the tracks in Contra Costa County in the unincorporated area of Brentwood.  This is not the first fatal accident in the East Bay Area as someone was hit and killed on the tracks in Berkeley near the Aquatic Park earlier this month.  

This is also not the first time that someone has raised an issue with this particular intersection.  A East Contra Costa Fire Marshall was quoted saying the intersection was a “recipe for disaster” due to the fact that the intersection does not have clear markings and trains tend to travel through the area at speed of up to 80 miles per hour.  

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Active Warning Signals at Train Crossings

Any time an auto is involved in an accident with a train there is the potential for serious casualties.  That is why railway and passenger train companies are responsible for the safety of intersections where train tracks cross roadways.  This particular intersection lacked active warning signs which very likely could have prevented this terrible tragedy.  

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