Train Passenger Injury

Train accidents don’t just happen; there is always a cause. They are typically the result of a railroad’s failure to follow the safety rules and regulations that are designed to protect the traveling public. If you were injured in a train crash or any kind of incident while riding as a passenger in California, make sure your personal injury lawyer understands the laws administered under all of the codes and statutes applicable to railroads, including the Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA).

For more than 90 years, the trial attorneys of Hildebrand McLeod & Nelson LLP, in Oakland and Los Angeles, have been recognized as being one of the leading personal injury litigation firms in the Western States. We have earned our reputation for excellence by focusing much of our practice on injuries suffered by railroad workers and passengers.

Personal Injury Claims Involving Trains May Fall Under Federal Laws

People injured on a train need to understand that the laws about recovering money damages may fall under federal law, not California insurance law. Make sure your attorney understands the laws and processes for successfully recovering compensation under FELA laws. Our staff includes a special team of railroad accident investigation attorneys.

If you were injured while boarding, riding or exiting a train as a passenger, or in a motor vehicle accident at a railroad crossing, talk to one of our trial attorneys before you discuss your case with the railroad.

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