Attorneys For People Injured In A Store

From the moment a customer drives into the parking lot or walks through the door, business and store owners in California are held to high standards regarding public safety. Known building design or structural defects and temporary hazards should be repaired or well-marked to warn the public of a potential hazard. Despite some of the strongest premises liability laws in the nation, though, thousands of people are hurt each year in slip-and-fall accidents or because of dangerous conditions on a business property throughout the state of California.

Slip-And-Fall · Employee Misconduct · Falling Products · Unsafe Property

Not every accident on a retail or business property is a case of property owner negligence. But if you suffered an injury because of a safety hazard you feel should have been repaired, removed or marked off from public access, you may have a claim for financial damages.

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At Hildebrand McLeod & Nelson LLP, in Oakland and Los Angeles, we provide knowledgeable, effective representation for people seeking damages from retail store and business owners following an accident on their commercial properties. Since we opened our doors in 1926, people have turned to us with confidence. We thoroughly investigate the causes of the accident and pursue full and fair compensation from all parties who may be held liable for damages, which may include the commercial insurance company, negligent employees, the business owner, the property manager and the owner of the commercial real estate.

“Before we begin settlement negotiations, we put your case in the best possible position to win in court, if trial becomes necessary. Often, it is the only way the business owner and their insurance provider will work in good faith toward a fair settlement.” Attorney Anthony Petru

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